This event was created, as many things are, from a tragedy.
A tragedy that took a lovely young woman’s life too soon – before she was ever able to become a wife, a mother, or even begin to discover all her many talents or to fulfill her dreams.

This event is being held so that her death was not without a purpose. On the surface Shannon Lee Shockey appeared to be a typical, well adjusted young lady. She loved life, she laughed, she cried, she acted silly, she had dreams. But Shannon lacked one very important thing in her life…confidence. That lack of confidence led her into a very dangerous, controlling relationship. A relationship that drained her, caused her to question herself and eventually took her precious life at the age of 20.

This event is meant to take the “Shannon” that lives in every one of us and redefine that part of us to be confident in all areas of our lives. Good nutrition, restful sleep, and a healthy lifestyle enables us to grow into that confidence….one step at a time.

This event is titled Eat Sleep Run Grow……but is not just intended for runners.  With the help of some very special ladies, you will be encouraged to build your confidence through many different activities, to name a few…running, yoga, zumba, biking, swimming and yes, even walking….one step at a time.

This event will help you to achieve the confidence that will help you to tackle that everyday task called “life”. From making your house a home to raising your children to getting a promotion to losing a few pounds to learning a new skill to reaching out to make a new friend……without confidence, many of these simple tasks may feel daunting and larger than life. 



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